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Deployment Templates

Deploying and Configuring from a Template#

Deployment Templates provide the ability to deploy known configurations to new or existing Workspace One UEM environments. The templates are json files that have been built and exported from a UEM server. Templates are built to help quickly configure common scenarios for Workspace ONE UEM, specifically for a Proof of Concept or any service provider that performs the same common configurations for their customers.

Create a Template#

In order to create a template, the following actions will need to be performed.

  1. Click the Add Template button
  2. In the wizard, give the template a name and select a source environment. Click Next
  3. Select the desired profiles and click Next
  4. Select the desired baselines and click Next
  5. Select the desired scripts and click Next
  6. Select the desired sensors and click Next
  7. The next screen will show a brief overview, click Done when it's time to build the template.

Once build has been clicked, the wizard will disappear and a progress dialog will show on the screen. Forklift is now downloading the details of each template item and saving them for future use. After all the progress indicators have stopped spinning, the template is ready to be saved. Click Done to dismiss the modal.

Template Details#

Details for the items in a template can be quickly evaluated by clicking on the double arrow, the details view will show a list of each type of item and their name.

Template Status#

The Template status shows the last action taken by the template with a User, typically that would be build, import, or publish and the date that the action happened.

Template Warnings#

To the right of the Template status is a warnings list. To see if there were any issues with build/publish/import of a template click on the Warnings button. A modal will show any warnings or relevant information for the template to the user.

Export a Template#

To export a template to share with another user or to backup for later perform the following actions.

  1. Select the Template from the list.
  2. Click the Export button.
  3. A json file will download from the browser and save to the downloads folder for the browser.
  4. The downloaded filename will be in the following format templatename.json

Import a Template#

To import a template the following actions need to be performed.

  1. Click the Import button.
  2. In the dialog, select Browse.
  3. This opens the file select dialog, select the template.json file that is to be imported.
  4. Forkflift will import the template and save it to the view.

Publish a Template#

Publishing a template is how it gets uploaded to a target environment. To publish a template perform the following actions:

  1. Select the template from the list that is to be uploaded.
  2. Click the Publish button.
  3. In the dialog that appears, select the target environment from the list/dropdown.
  4. Click Upload
  5. A new dialog will show on the screen indicating current progress.
  6. Once all the progress indicators have stopped spinning, the template has been published.
  7. Dismiss the dialog and view any warnings from the publish attempt.
    • Warnings indicate items that may have an issue from publishing, note the the bulk of the template resources are now published and ready to be used.

Delete a Template#

To delete a template perform the following:

  1. Select the template from the list.
  2. Click the Delete button.
  3. Forklift will delete the template and remove it from the list.