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Environment Configuration and Setup#

Prior to using the main features of the tool, Workspace ONE UEM environments need to be added to Forklift. These environments provide the needed API information in order to get and create resources in a Workspace ONE UEM tenant.

What is an Environment#

For the purposes of this application, an environment is a specific Organization Group in a Workspace ONE UEM tenant. There is no limit to how many environments can be configured with this application. Multiple Organization Groups can be added as separate Environments to the list.

Required information#

The following items should be collected prior to adding an environment to the tool. Steps to locate or create are provided as well.

  1. API Key
    • API keys can be created or retrieved from Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Advanced > API > REST API
  2. API Admin Account
    • Admin accounts for the api can be imported or created from Accounts > Administrators > List View and clicking the Add button (if they aren't already available)
  3. API Server URL
    • The API base url can be found at All Settings > System > Advanced > Site URLs and grabbing the url under REST API URL

Add Environment#

  1. Navigate to the WS1 Environments page in the tool. This is usually the landing page but can be found in the Side Navigation.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Enter the Environment Friendly name, e.g. 'MDM Prod', 'Dev OG', 'CN1380 Test', etc
    • This is any value that is unique to you. It's meant to make environment identification easier.
  4. Enter the Workspace ONE api server information making sure to include https.
  5. Enter the API user's username.
  6. Enter the API user's password.
  7. Enter the REST API Key.
  8. Specify the Organization Group Id name for the tenant, e.g. 'win10Test', 'production', etc
  9. Specify the Organization Group Id number for the tenant, e.g. 827.
  10. Click Save.

The environment should now show up with some basic information. Once setup you can Edit environment details as need or test the connection to the environment.

Test Connection#

On the environment card, click the test button to test the api connectivity to the environment. An indicator will show that the application is checking the connection. For a successful connection, a green dialog will show at the top of the environment card. Connection failures will show as red and also will show the error message.

Update Environment#

To update an environment perform the following:

  1. Click edit on the environment card.
  2. Update the environment information as needed.
  3. Click save.

Change/Update API Password#

  1. Click edit on the environment card.
  2. On the password field, click the Update button.
  3. The input field will now be blank.
  4. Type in the updated password.
  5. Click save.

Remove Environment#

  1. Click edit on the environment card.
  2. Click Remove at the bottom of the form.
  3. The UI will remove the environment and the environment will no longer display in the list.