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Forklift for Workspace ONE UEM is designed to move Workspace ONE UEM Resources between UEM Tenants and Organization Groups. These tenants can be two completely different servers, e.g. two dedicated Saas Instances, or two Organization Groups (OGs) in the same tenant.

Forklift is made up of three main use cases/feature sets:

Continuous Delivery Pipelines#

Continuous Delivery Pipelines allows admins to automate the delivery of resources between the different environments and reduce the number of human touches. Additionally, this would enable them to create a phased (ring) approach to delivering the resources in production and test groups.

Resource Migrations#

Resource Migrations allow an A to B migration of a resource. Supported resources are:

  • Profiles - iOS, Android, macOS, Windows 10
  • Baselines - Windows 10
  • Scripts - macOS and Windows 10
  • Sensors - Windows 10 and macOS
  • Internal Apps - iOS, macOS, Android, Windows 10

Deployment Templates#

Deployment Templates provide the ability to deploy known configurations to new or existing Workspace One UEM environments. The templates are json files that have been built and exported from a UEM server. Templates are built to help quickly configure common scenarios for Workspace ONE UEM, specifically for a Proof of Concept or any service provider that performs the same common configurations for their customers.