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Profile Migrations

Migrating Profiles from one UEM environment to another.#

Profile List#

On the Profile List, you can view the migration status of profiles, click to view the details of a profile and bulk migrate them if needed.

Bulk Migration#

Bulk migration is straight forward using this tool. Simply select each profile for migration. The UI will highlight the selections and show a Migrate button. Once all the desired profiles have been migrated, clicking the button will begin the migration process. Each row will display the status and a progress indicator as needed. Once the process is finished, success or error messages will display where appropriate.

Profile Details#

The details of a profile can be view on the details screen. This can be navigated to by click on the View Details button on the table of profiles. From this screen Profile migration can occur and also exporting of the profile information to a json file.


Profiles that have not been migrated previously will show the migration button. If a profile has been previously migrated then the migration button will not be available.

To migrate, simply click the migration button and monitor the status. A green checkmark will display once migration has been completed.

Note: The current check is against the profile name in the destination environment.

Export Meta Data#

For templates and other use cases, the profile information needs to be saved to a json file. This can be done on the details screen. Simply click the Export Meta Data button and a json file will be created with the profile information and saved to the downloads folder of the device.